Conveyancing Solicitors

Why Do I Need a Conveyancing Solicitor?

Unfortunately, buying a home is no easy task even with the assistance of conveyancing solicitors, with a great deal of regulations and paperwork that if not dealt with correctly can be very costly. The cost of conveyancing solicitors can seem like a lot but the assistance and support they offer is invaluable.

On some occasions it may actually be an avoidable expense and you may well be able to perform a lot of the duties of conveyancing solicitors yourself, but in an increasingly competitive market thanks in part to the growth of online conveyancing solicitors, the costs are getting lower year on year. Considering the importance of the transaction and the value of the property that you are likely to be purchasing, the couple of hundred pounds it costs for the support and assistance of conveyancing solicitors is actually a bargain!

In most cases the conveyancing solicitors will perform a local area search for your property to check for any issues with planning positions as well as assessing other council information on the property. This can be done by anyone with experience in undertaking these searches but if a problem was to arise, it is unlikely to be something that can be solved without the help of conveyancing solicitors. One of the more common issues that can be identified with a search is the exact boundaries of the property you are buying. Boundary disputes often arise as a result of a failure to have a clear understanding of the exact position of the land and property you are buying and can cause costly legal problems with neighbors. Conveyancing solicitors will not only identify any boundary issues prior to the purchase of the house but will also ensure that the full dimensions and boundaries are clarified in the contracts and deeds.

Above all, you conveyancing solicitors will be on hand to help you through any problems that may occur in the process of the transaction. Whether it’s checking over the contracts, liaising with the sellers solicitors, preparing the mortgage deed or submitting the change of ownership to the land registry, using a conveyancing solicitors allows you to focus on packing up your things and preparing for the move.

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