Conveyancing Solicitors

UK solicitors code of conduct

The rules that are set up for conveyancing solicitors is a group of regulations that give guidance of all of the professional conveyancing solicitors of the UK. They are all very specific and give the guidance based on behaviour and conduct while they doing their jobs. The rule of law, integrity and public confidence are some of rules that are addressed, in total there are twenty five different rules. A few of them are listed below, just to get you started on learning the rules.
Rule one will have four duties that will preserve justice and the rule of law. This makes sure that all the conveyancing solicitors will act with honesty and integrity as well as independence. They need to make sure that they have a good standard and public confidence.

The second rule was suppose to make sure that good relations the conveyacning solicitors and the client are always in place. This rule will give the guidance to accepting clients instructions and when a solicitor can refuse the instructions. The role of solicitor must always keep their client informed off al the steps that are being taken and make sure that they fulfill all of the client’s objectives.

Rule number three says that a solicitors is not allowed to act in your place if there is anything that does not add up, say a conflict of interest like if the firm is currently acting for the person that a client is suing. The entire purpose of a solicitor’s duty is to make sure that they are doing what is in the best interest of the client. A solicitor must be very careful to make sure that the conflicts don’t come up and therefore the solicitor would have to stop acting.

Confidentiality and disclosure are the basis of rule number four. If you decide to instruct a solicitor and give them all the fact then they are then under a duty of confidentiality. But they have a duty to give your disclosure say for instance if something is against the law.

If you are interested in learning all the rules of a conveyancer then I encourage you to do some digging and look them up. The rules are very specific and can be hard to understand so getting information from many different sources can be helpful in understand how all the rules work and can help you.

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