Conveyancing Solicitors

The job of a solicitor

Some other countries define the job of a solicitor as somewhat similar to the job of a sales person or person who seeks to get or advertise business. Some even limit its definition to someone soliciting items that they need or donations. In Britain, however, the term solicitor has a more defined meaning. Solicitors are persons trained to handle legal matters or lawyers. The influence of the use of this term can be seen even in other countries and the Commonwealth in legal positions such as that of the Solicitor General.

A solicitor may or may not be required for your needs. They may be more costly than what you budgeted for or what you really need to spend. The solicitor handles and advises on legal matters but generally does not litigate or go before the courts on your behalf.

More and more persons and businesses are hiring the services of solicitors for business matters they may not have the know- how or experience in. This is as a safety to ensure that all the laws and other bases are covered and also that they are not swindled by others who may try to take advantage of them using their more advanced knowledge. A matter that falls in this category is that of conveyancing. The business application refers to the transfer or a property title or the steps to transfer ownership or a property.

Conveyancing usually is overseen by someone who is trained in the legal and business aspects of this. This includes solicitors, real estate agents or other lawyers. There are laws to follow and paperwork to be done in order to complete these transactions. The person who specifically oversees this kind of activity and who acts in this regard can be called a conveyancer, licensed conveyancer or in some places a solicitor.

A solicitor really focuses on desk work or in office work such as filing the correct papers for whatever situation or case they are handling. They prepare legal documents and are very knowledgeable on the various aspects of law. Many places need solicitors. They can work in government, with multi-national corporations, in the many industries in the private sector and in the case of conveyancing they can work in real estate. Solicitors are held to the same code of ethics and rules as other lawyers, of course. The job of a solicitor does not take the traditional role of a lawyer though the same rigorous study is required.

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