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A Conveyancing Overview

If you are not aware, conveyancing is the transfer of property ownership from one person to another either as a freehold or lease hold with certain legally binding agreements. The process basically protects the buyer’s rights in ensuring that the buyer gets all full property rights and on the other hand the seller transfers all […]

Picking Conveyancing Solicitors – Evaluating Conveyancing Charges

Choose your best, effective and cheap conveyancing solicitors

UK solicitors code of conduct

Rules and regulations for UK solicitors code of conduct.

Conveyancing Solicitors Make Your Property Dealing an Easy Process

Conveyancing solicitors are the ones who play an important role in any kind of property dealing. Whether you are buying or selling a property, conveyancing solicitors are the ones who make the transaction easier and quick. Well, the solicitors are lawyers who handle legal procedures out of the court, and conveyancing is the process of […]