Conveyancing Solicitors

Step by Step guide to Conveyancing Process

There are eleven steps that compose the conveyancing process this is the process that start after a seller has agreed upon a price with the buyer. After the eleven steps of the stage then you will officially be a home owner. These steps are mainly done through each of the conveyancing solicitors. The first step of this process is when the solicitor that they buyer has receives a confirmation that the seller has accepted the offer. Also the details of the estate agent that is in charge of the transaction will be sent to the solicitor.

The second step that is the solicitor will have to get in touch with the solicitor that the seller has hired and then ask for a draft copy of the contract so that they can look it over.  After the solicitor that the buyer has, has gotten the draft and had a chance to look it over, then they will also have to check the deeds that are on the property to make sure that the seller has the rights to sell the property. They will also make sure that they know if there are any regulations that will be placed on the property in question for instance something like public rights of way. Once the solicitor is comfortable then they can send a copy back to the seller and make sure they keep a copy for the buyer to sign.

Then the buyer’s solicitor then goes to check the local authorities to ask about any developments or plans that may the property. If after all of this the buyer is then okay with the findings, then they need to sign the contract and return it to the solicitor. Then the contract will be exchanged and the conveyancing solicitors will get in touch with each other and they can agree that contract have been received by each one and then set a date to complete the transaction. After the exchange of the contracts then the solicitor that is the buyer’s will check on the property to make sure that the information that was provided is correct and make sure that the seller has not filed bankruptcy.

Then the buyer’s Conveyancing solicitors will have to work out the full and exact amount that the buyer will have to have in order to pay for the purchase of the property to be complete. This will included the stamp duty fee among others.

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