Conveyancing Solicitors

Is a conveyancing solicitor really needed?

Most people are not aware that conveyancing can completed on do it yourself basis. There are however certain aspects of the conveyancing process such as the property transaction that you would need the help of a professional such as a licensed conveyancers or conveyancing solicitors.

If you are familiar with the conveyancing process and they are the very similar and you have handled a volume of these cases, for example cash purchases of properties that do not require searches to be conducted such as environmental, water and local searches they DIY conveyancing could be a option that would be easily done without the need for a conveyancing solicitor. This instance may occur if you regularly buy properties and are a purchaser that does not require a mortgage lender, therefore no legal charge in relation to any banking institute is required and Land registry. The process would therefore be standardised and the recipe for the conveyancing would be quite simple. The down side of such as task would be that the conveyancing process is a timely process and you would be liable for any mistakes that you make which could have catastrophic financial implications.

The conveyancing process is not a simple procedure at all. There are many points you should consider when thinking of possibly conducting your own DIY conveyancing. Standard conveyancing solicitors take usually up to 6 weeks minimum to complete the conveyancing process involved with a property purchase. The process therefore must be somewhat complex and must be carried out in systematic stages where there must be communication with other parties. If the communicating involves completing the transaction simultaneously, then time and assurances must be made that it’s done so. Standard conveyancing cases usually utilise the 6 week duration so complex cases where anomalies occur can take considerably longer. Therefore is it worth the time and effort to conducting your own conveyancing, as you may have to commit a great deal of time to the ask and therefore it may not be cost effective in the long run when compared to actually allocating the work to a good conveyancing solicitors firm.

In certain instances, the use of a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitors will be required for your conveyancing transaction to be completed in full as mortgage companies need to ensure that their interested is protected when lending money against as property. This therefore means that you must employ a professional at some stage usually so if they are already working on your conveyancing transaction, why not let the professionals complete the whole process? The cost of conveyancing nowadays is very cheap, and with the revolution of cheap online conveyancing websites, you can get the services of good conveyancing solicitors at a very reasonable rate. Many peoples still have the misconception that solicitors are still extortionately priced but they are not. Take a look and you can find conveyancing solicitors at a knock down rate but always ensure that the quality of service you are receiving are comprised by the amount you are paying for the their conveyancing services. In all instances, the conveyancing solicitors that you can find online will be far cheaper than the conveyancing solicitors recommended by the estate agents you are going through due to their massive referral fees.

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