Conveyancing Solicitors

Conveyancing Online or with a Local Solicitor?

Typically those looking for the services of conveyancing solicitors have tended to use their local law firm but with the incredible growth of the internet, more and more conveyancing solicitors are offering their services online. The main benefit of this for property buyers is that with more competition online, the costs are gradually being driven down – both online and in more local conveyancing solicitors.

Fortunately for us, conveyancing solicitors online are often able to offer their services on a national level at these discount prices so no matter where you are you can benefit from the lower costs when buying a house.  Whatever the cost of your new house, you will be able to get an accurate fixed quote online within a matter of minutes which for many homebuyers can be quite appealing. Particularly for younger homebuyers, online conveyancing has become a convenient way of dealing with complicated conveyancing procedures from the comfort of their own home.

Despite the lower costs and greater convenience, many remain reluctant to using the online conveyancing solicitors. One common reason is the fact that even though many of the online companies have dedicated telephone support lines, individuals prefer to have the option to meet their solicitor face to face. Buying a house is one of the biggest events in any individuals life so it can be hard to trust online conveyancing solicitors who you will never meet, with such an important task. In reality, most of the reputable online conveyancing solicitors are just as qualified and will provide just as good a service as local conveyancing solicitors, but a lot of individuals would rather pay that little bit more for the face-to-face meeting and the ability to meet the solicitor dealing with their purchase.

Whether you use online conveyancing solicitors or your local firm, it’s always advisable to ask for a full upfront quote rather than working on an hourly fee. With an upfront charge you will know exactly how much you will be required to pay upfront and will then be able to compare it more accurately with the quotes of other conveyancing solicitors. You should also make sure that this includes all the charges and that there wouldn’t be any further expenses such as tax or additional search fees.

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