Conveyancing Solicitors

A Conveyancing Overview

If you are not aware, conveyancing is the transfer of property ownership from one person to another either as a freehold or lease hold with certain legally binding agreements. The process basically protects the buyer’s rights in ensuring that the buyer gets all full property rights and on the other hand the seller transfers all the property rights to the new found owner. Each of the involved parties will choose their own conveyancing solicitors to represent them during the transaction that lasts between a month to about several months based on the speed of your property expert and the legalities involved.

Normally a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitors is the one who will act in the conveyancing process such as a registered lawyer. He or she has to be a professional experienced in property matters kind of work. He also have to be licensed to work as a conveyancing solicitor and in most cases we find that lawyers that take up this kind of work and have been legally authorised to solve legal matters involving conveyancing and a range of other legal matters such as wills. Most of the law firms involved in handling this kind of transaction have skilled solicitors to carry out the duties required adequately. Most of the well know law firms have been registered and are fully authorised to carry out the whole transaction on your behave should you need help and are regulated by the Solicitor Regulation Authority who control solicitors in this field.

With many conveyancing solicitor firms and conveyancers popping up almost everywhere, you will not have to worry about the pricing as obtaining a cheap conveyancing quote is easy. Many conveyancing solicitors firms will attract you with a number of offers but do not be lured to substitute quality of service for price. As a matter of fact, go for a firm that will charge you a little more and provide you quality service. Avoid those firms that will have hidden charges that will later surface once you have contracted them to represent you. Research well on the various costs involved to avoid being taken advantage of. Normally you will be charged in any one of the following ways; fixed fee based on the property value. High property cost leads to higher charges by the solicitor. Disbursement is costs paid by conveyancer on your behalf to others and it’s a fixed charge to all solicitors. Thus it is safer to do background research and identify the various prices offered by most firms.

There can be certain tricky costs such as hidden costs, or added amounts to your final fee. These will always come up later when you are paying up your final fee to your conveyancing solicitors. You need to be careful and follow up every payment made to avoid being conned or cheated. As much as you will want to make the process cost effective as possible, having a professional conveyancing solicitor to represent you will be the most reliable means to go about completing a legal change of a property ownership but at the same time, be your own boss and tighten any loopholes which may see you loose a lot of money through unaccounted bills. You can chose to have a stress free property transfer procedure only when you are involved and in constant communication with the conveyancing solicitors representing you.

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