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5 Tips to Cut Your Conveyancing Cost Down

Conveyancing solicitors may be a necessary expense when buying a house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take certain steps to try and ensure that this expense is as minimal as possible. The internet may have driven down the cost of conveyancing solicitors both online and on the high street, but with all the costs involved in buying and moving house it’s important to try and reduce these where possible. Here are 5 tips to try and help you when dealing with your conveyancing solicitors:

1.  Get a quote up front. Many local conveyancing solicitors will already offer you a fixed price when quoting for your conveyancing needs but some may suggest an hourly charge. This should be avoided where possible because you never know how much this will add up to and you may well end up having to pay for phone calls to discuss your purchase or advice.

2.  Choose a local solicitor. Whether you are using online conveyancing solicitors or not make sure they have experience in your area. By having a good knowledge of the area, the council and the agents in the area they will be able to do it quicker and reduce the chances of more costly mistakes and problems.

3.  Compare quotes. With the number of conveyancing solicitors around the first ones you contact are unlikely to be the most cost effective option, so don’t be afraid to tell them you’ll get back to them later that day and then contact other local conveyancing solicitors for quotes.

4.  Don’t use a broker. The growth of the online market for conveyancing solicitors has led to a growing number of conveyancing brokers which aim to connect you with conveyancing solicitors local to you. Not only does not work out much cheaper at all, the quality of the service you receive is likely to be a lot worse as the broker will use the very cheapest providers – not all of whom are regulated.

5.  Do your research. Yes price is important but a lot of the conveyancing solicitors will have similar charges so read up on the different companies. The internet provides a great place to read previous clients’ reviews of different firms to get a good idea of what you can expect, completely free of charge.

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